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Sept. + Oct. 2020 Bandcamp Spins

Another heavily ambient couple months of listening – can’t imagine what was going on in the world that necessitated an aural blanket most days.

A current of static/grain weaves through many of these, from Carlo Giustini’s bleary, nostalgic synths, to Masayoshi Fujita + Jan Jelinek’s heady brew of electronics and vibraphone that seem to be talking past each other. 

There is the occasional surfacing for breath. Some dark (Nihiloxica’s polyrhythmic terror), some fun (Liquid’s uncut, scuzzy power-pop gem), and one that meets perfectly in the middle to close out the mix (Kelly Lee Owens’s “L.I.N.E.” is a soft-focus pop hit). 

As always: if you like what you hear, consider tossing the artists some coin. And if you wanna shop local or support a small business, why not call LUNA Music for all your wax needs (contactless pickup and mailorder to anywhere in the world). ✌️️