I’m a Design Strategist for mission-driven orgs at SmallBox and recommend jams at the renowned LUNA Music. In my free time, I play music, eat toast, and ride my bike. I walk 2x the speed of most Indianapolis, USA residents, and prefer not to be in a car.

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July 2020 Bandcamp Spins

Bandcamp is an embarrassment of riches. Thanks to buymusic.club, now you can listen to a track from every new-to-me album I listened to during July. Like something you hear? Consider purchasing to support artists & labels who continue to suffer financially.

With the elimination of touring revenue, loss of retail sales, and virtually no compensation from Spotify and other streaming “partners”  who only exists to funnel profit to the investor class – it is more difficult than ever to be a musician without a trustfund.

Want it on wax? Give LUNA Music a buzz and we’d be happy to order & ship, or hold for contactless curbside pick-up. ✌️️