I’m a Design Strategist for mission-driven orgs at SmallBox and recommend jams at the renowned LUNA Music. In my free time, I play music, eat toast, and ride my bike. I walk 2x the speed of most Indianapolis, USA residents, and prefer not to be in a car.

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August 2020 Bandcamp Spins

This past month was fried – the peak of Indiana humidity and 90-degree days, served with a combo of simmering COVID-tension and Gaslighters’ Stew, meant that mostly I needed cool sounds dripping softly into my ears.

Highlights? Hirotaka Shirotsubaki’s bleary, extended tones over a bed of infinite fuzz will give you an ASMR reaction; Unknown Mobile’s docile Balearic synths are your brain in a hammock; Roméo Poirier’s Jazz-redux gently-chopped loops will leave you in a state of blippy bliss.

Reminder that musicians need your support more than ever, with combined blow of lack of streaming revenue and the cancellation of all tours. Like something you hear? Consider buying the track (or full album!) via Bandcamp below. 

Want it on vinyl? Give LUNA Music a ring and we’d be happy to help you find a copy, order & ship, or hold for contactless local pick-up. ✌️️